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It is the mission of Docks, Decks & More, Inc. to provide eco friendly marine construction services in Jacksonville, FL to all of our clients. We strongly advocate the use of installation techniques that provide minimal or no impact to the environment and complete every job with respect to the surrounding landscape and marine wildlife.

We start off by jetting the poles then we hammer them in the rest of the way. This is to ensure the poles will not sink. We screw down all deck boards with stainless steel screws. We double our outside stringers. We only use bullnose decking. We use stainless steel hoop rings. We put bumpers on 3 sides of the floating dock. The floats we use generally have a buoyancy of 1000 lbs. We double out side stringers. We can provide both wood and aluminum gangways. Again, we can provide a lot more features such as plumbing, water & electric, lighting, railings, aluminum ladders, sinks, ect.

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    I was continually impressed by the exceptional diligence of the crew in inspecting the work and finding and fixing any small issue that remained.
    William Adams Jacksonville, Florida
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